At a glance the Apple Watch can seem like an expensive, unnecessary time telling machine…but trust us, it’s worth every penny. The Apple Watch is jam packed with features including Activity Tracker, Messages, Email, Reminders, Maps…oh and it can tell the time. Most of your big apps have jumped on board and made their apps compatible with the watch such as Facebook and Instagram. Ever been in a hurry and you need to send a message on the go? Siri is just a phrase away, “Hey Siri” and she is listening for your next command. This convenient feature improves productivity and efficiency in the workplace and even in your everyday life. You also can answer calls on the go too! WatchOS 3 has a neat, seamless design which is what Apple is know for. You can choose preset watch faces or customise your own depending on what you’d like shown on your screen. There’s even a cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse one for the Disney Fans! Apps are displayed on the home screen in the app carousel which is a completely different look to the home screen on iPhones. It doesn’t really fit with Apple’s design..but hey, change is good. If you’re into fitness, you are probably tossing and turning about whether or not to purchase a FitBit Blaze over the Apple Watch. FitBit currently does not have an app for Apple Watch and we don’t think they ever will as they have their own line of smartwatches to go with the app. Apple does have a fitness tracker however which syncs constantly with your iPhone and tracks all exercise you do, heart-rate & tells you to take time out and breath. The only thing missing is the FitBit Challenges..but it all comes down to whichever smartwatch that suits your needs. The size of this smartwatch is just right. Most smartwatches feel quite bulky on the wrist but Apple has really streamlined their watches making them comfortable to wear with the Apple Watch coming in 2 sizes, 32mm & 42mm. A range of accessories are available from sport bands, metal mesh, leather & a variety of prints to suit your style! As for the battery life, there has been a lot of criticism when it comes to the longevity. The Apple Watch lasts for a full day..and that’s a full day of use too. Personally we think that is a solid effort! It’s quite literally your iPhone but in a watch. Bottom Line The Apple Watch is a nifty little gadget whether it’s for the uni student, busy mum or business person. It suits everyone and their needs. Worth the investment 100%. It’s honestly one of those gadgets where you don’t realise how much you’ll use it until you own one. Hope you all enjoyed our first review post & look forward to many more!